Chuck Hunter and Stacey McKibbin

There are many reasons for hiring a motivational speaker. Sometimes your business needs a spark of energy, a push in the right direction, or to create unity for a stronger, combined effort that will move the company forward. Hiring a motivational speaker can energize, engage, and encourage, helping you to create and move toward new goals, communicate and effectively implement changes, open lines of communication, show your employees they are appreciated, and fuel passion and creativity that keep you ahead of the competition. Chuck Hunter and Stacey McKibbin use the knowledge and expertise gained through years of diverse leadership experience to motivate audiences on the individual level, inspiring purpose-driven success that spreads contagiously and elevates the organization as a whole.

COO Stacey McKibbin: Motivational Speaker

Stacey McKibbin isn’t afraid to dream big and put in the sweat-equity needed to make those dreams reality. She uses her passion, humor, and “school of hard knocks” experience to help individuals uncover their passion and drive. Stacey’s philosophy is that the formula for success begins with FUN. When each and every member of a team has a personal stake in the company’s success­­– one that goes well beyond the standard job security and financial aspect of employment to form an emotional and mental connection to their work– those individuals come to the office excited about the possibilities. There is no doubt that passion results in better productivity, higher quality, and promotes better performance that extends from the individual to teams, departments, and the entire operation. As a business owner, coach, consultant, and industry leader in a variety of fields, Stacey brings relatability and a fresh perspective that will challenge you to shift your view on work, life, and your role in it all.

CEO/Founder Chuck Hunter: Motivational Speaker

Chuck Hunter uses his diverse experiences to deliver business solutions and motivation for change to any audience or industry. In addition to years of knowledge gained as a leader of Fortune 500 companies and global brands, a business owner, and F-14 Fighter Pilot in the U.S. Navy, Chuck also worked in both theatre and photography. His wide spectrum of skills and interests allow him to combine creative and innovative ideas with proven best practices to help any business start the journey toward new goals. Chuck has motivated thousands of listeners to reach for new heights and greater outcomes. Early on in his career, he worked as a spokesperson and lobbyist for Lockheed Martin, learning to tailor information and messages to maximize engagement with different types of crowds and employees. He also addressed large audiences as the President of the Navy League in Texas and as the CEO of a publicly traded technology company. Whatever change you’re looking to make, Chuck will do more than inspire you– he will give you the tools to complete the journey from idea to fulfillment!

Better Together:

Whatever your field or reason for hiring a motivational speaker, Stacey McKibbin and Chuck Hunter have the experience, knowledge, and talent to tailor their message to connect with the audience on a unique, personal level. Both Stacey and Chuck provide fantastic solutions, motivation, and more as individual speakers, but this dynamic duo is even better together! Give us a call to learn more!