• A Costly Lesson about Starting a Business Knowing Business

    Executive Summary A San Diego in-home autism service provider owned by two therapists was losing money each month, in part due to hasty – and costly – decisions that were running the business into a hole. One of the priciest ventures pursued by the partners included an entirely new [...]

  • A Lesson in Team Dynamics: Hire People with the Right Attitude

    Executive Summary Multivariable Solutions was hired just one day after the office manager at a failing pediatrics office was fired. Multivariable Solutions was tasked to not only solve the company’s immediate office management and payroll needs, but also to uncover the root of its financial problems and take calculated [...]

  • The Importance of Operational Structure & Effective Leadership

    Executive Summary A 27-year old aerospace manufacturing company was on the road to going out of business after management of the company was transferred from the two company founders to their widows upon the owners’ deaths. At the time, the business was slated to begin layoffs in September 2013 [...]

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