About the Company

image Multivariable Solutions is a collection of talented professionals with a wide range of capability and experience. Many are currently engaged with Fortune 500 companies others with young start-ups. From medical practices to high tech aerospace manufacturing there are backgrounds across the full spectrum of running a business.

‘Multivariable’ thinking becomes critical as you look across all the different facets of running and growing a business. Most companies and consultants focus on one or two variables whereas Multivariable Solutions looks across a wide spectrum. Often starting with development of a Strategic Plan we can stay with the company/owner through execution all the way to the exit plan. Whether it is creating a new image while at the same time positioning for an exit, or doing team education and solidifying the financials you can’t push on one area without it affecting another.

But words and backgrounds are not important if you don’t get the results. Multivariable Solutions is not about advice, it is about results. Our results are proven and measurable; call us today to get your results accomplished.

About the Team

Together, Chuck and Stacey have nearly five collective decades of entrepreneurial experience. To help you discover the right solutions, Chuck and Stacey ask the right questions. They know who to ask, when to ask, and how to ask—to get you the right answers. As certified hypnotists with strong foundations in neuro-linguistic programming, this duo brings much more to the table than ordinary consulting teams. From start to finish, Stacey and Chuck are expertly equipped to manage every stage of your business. At Multivariable Solutions, the end goal is simple: better results for you and your team.

  • CHUCK HUNTER | CEO, Founder

    image Over the past three decades, Chuck Hunter has held executive positions in a variety of industries. He began his professional career at Lockheed Martin, where he became the company’s youngest director and began to develop his expertise navigating a broad spectrum of mergers and acquisitions. Then, in 1999, he joined a small outdoor equipment company called CamelBak. There, Chuck developed  emerging markets worldwide. Under his direction, CamelBak enjoyed 1,000 percent growth and transformed from a small domestic firm into a global company with name-brand recognition. In 2007, he became CEO of a publicly traded technology company. During his first year on the job, sales doubled. Two years later, in 2009, Chuck founded Multivariable Solutions to share his magic touch with others.

    As a former United States Navy carrier fighter pilot and instructor, Chuck has a long history of accomplishing missions. Chuck’s approach to business combines big picture strategy with precise attention to detail. Whether Chuck is studying neuro-linguistic programming, practicing the martial arts, or racing off-road vehicles in Baja, Mexico, his diverse interests share a common theme: the pursuit of perfection. He holds a degree in physics and brings a culture of learning to everything he does. With his no-nonsense attitude, unflinching honesty, and laser-sharp focus on the end goal, Chuck measures his own success on the basis of his clients’ success. A born problem solver, he enjoys nothing more than a great challenge.


    image During her seventeen-year career as an entrepreneur and business advisor, Stacey McKibbin has pioneered the success of multiple companies. Stacey began her career as an account manager for a San Diego-based book distributor and later became director of business development for a media production house. In 2002, she founded Sane Strategies, a consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses manage their own operational needs. During the next several years, she flexed her entrepreneurial muscles at companies like Active SMS, where she was a key player on the team that grew the company to $36 million annual revenue in 18 months, and Soapbox Mobile, where she developed a more lucrative business model that enabled the company’s profitability and swift acquisition. In 2008, Stacey founded McKibbin Enterprises, a coaching and consulting services business. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a double emphasis in consumer behavior and international business and a minor in Spanish.

    With warmth and energy that fills a room, Stacey’s passion for success is contagious. Stacey’s clients appreciate that she holds herself to the same exacting standards she applies to others. She specializes in building, uniting, and leading high-performance teams. Guided by her down-to-earth honesty and a flare for fun, Stacey brings a sense of playfulness and endless energy to even the most difficult challenges. To call Stacey a people person is an understatement; she thrives when helping others. Stacey actively volunteers her time to many local non-profit organizations and serves as Co-Chair of the Board of Directors of Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP). With refreshing sincerity and genuine compassion, Stacey will lead you to the results you want.