Chuck Hunter – CEO / Founder



Business Consultant

For three decades, Chuck Hunter has used his knowledge and vision to lead businesses in a variety of industries to the top. Early in his professional career, Chuck became the youngest director at Lockheed Martin. There, he developed his expertise navigating a broad spectrum of mergers and acquisitions. In 1999 he joined CamelBak, then a small outdoor equipment company that would, under Chuck’s direction, see 1,000% growth. By steering the company toward emerging markets worldwide, Chuck took CamelBak from a small domestic firm to a globally recognized name-brand. Chuck went on to become the CEO of a publically traded technology company. In his first year on the job, that company doubled its sales. In 2009, Chuck founded Multivariable Solutions to guide others toward new levels of success.

A business consultant acts as your business’s personal guru for forging the path ahead. An executive business coach also trains you and your team on how to walk that path. Chuck brings you the combination of both.

From startups to multi-million dollar companies, Chuck’s business consulting offers wisdom rooted in experience. As a business consultant, Chuck delivers tailored solutions to help your business reach its unique goals. A team-focused approach ensures you have the infrastructure and manpower needed to get where you want to go. As an executive business coach, Chuck goes above and beyond basic business consulting, studying every aspect of your business to determine where you are, where you want to go, and how you get there.

Effective business coaching looks at every part of your business. As a business consultant and executive business coach, Chuck highlights how businesses can work their best on every level.

Strategic planning analysis determines the present health of your business and lays the foundation for future growth. While the collective goal of the company is certainly important, effective strategic planning analysis involves examining the strengths and performance of individual members, as well. Even on a collaborative project, individual efforts are the parts which form the whole. From the big picture to the smallest detail, Chuck helps each member of the team understand his or her role and the steps needed to achieve success on personal and corporate levels. When he is finished, your business will have a vision the entire team can strive towards, as well as the roadmap and tools to get there.

As a former United States Navy carrier fighter pilot and instructor, Chuck has a long history of accomplishing imagemissions. Whether Chuck is studying neuro-linguistic programming, practicing the martial arts, or racing off-road vehicles in Baja, Mexico, his diverse interests share a common theme: the pursuit of perfection. He holds a degree in physics and brings a culture of learning to everything he does. With his no-nonsense attitude, unflinching honesty, and laser-sharp focus on the end goal, Chuck measures his own business coaching success on the basis of his clients’ success. A born problem solver, Chuck always enjoys a challenge.

Whatever your challenge, trust Chuck to provide the knowledge, understanding, and insight to help you meet it.