Learn How to Market Your Business

As technology and the way we interact continues to rapidly evolve, the way successful businesses market and engage with customers is shifting to meet new demands. Learn how to market your business by keeping these crucial factors in mind.


Ever since smartphones took off, more and more people have had constant access to information. As you probably know, mobile is now the largest source of online traffic with numbers continuing to climb by the day. Make sure your marketing strategy accounts for both present mobile conditions and any upcoming changes to platforms. Your website should adjust its format based on the user’s device including laptops, computers, tablets, and phones. Mobile ads are available through popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Advertising in mobile apps is another way to engage with your audience when they’re on the go.

But just as important as the technological aspect of market connectivity is the human touch missing from so much of the information-overload audiences face every day. Here are a few ways to combine human understanding and response with marketing technology:

  • Use social media as a means to connect on a personal level with your target audience.
  • Share personal stories of how your business came to be or events your employees attend.
  • Ask for customer feedback or pose questions to encourage engagement.
  • Send a personal response to questions your audience asks through email, on your Facebook page, or anywhere else. Facebook actually monitors the amount of time it takes for a business’ Facebook page to respond. Others in the audience will also not fail to notice if all tweets, Facebook posts, and the like go unanswered. Failing to address customer concerns can reflect poorly as you aim to grow your audience.


Audiences want more than another pitch on how your business is the best. They want stories that inspire them and build a personal connection to your brand. Consider sharing client testimonials or why employees love working for the business. Share how your business grew, the inspiration behind it, or how your team goes the extra mile to ensure every customer has the best experience possible.

Inspiration is also a powerful tool in employee motivation and satisfaction. In the same way you craft your marketing message to resonate with audiences outside the company, create brand-purpose and a clear goal that resonates with the internal organization.

Measuring Impact:

Developing the best marketing strategy means maximizing every opportunity. As you measure your marketing strategy’s impact, you learn how to market your business moving forward by adapting and improving. Analytics and data allow you to track digital ad performance, sources of online traffic, optimal posting times for social media, and so much more. Use these insights to determine what in your marketing strategy works well, what can work better, and what should be cut. Always allow a certain degree of flexibility in your marketing strategy to account for changing conditions and unexpected hurtles.

Data can also provide a highly effective means of measuring employee satisfaction. When everyone is willing to go the extra mile, it helps to keep customer experience positive and to push the business forward. A motivated team will help you reach new milestones as your business continues to grow.

Learn from the Experts:

Learn how to market your business from the very best. Chuck Hunter and Stacey McKibbin of Multivariable Solutions use their creativity and years of leadership experience in a wide range of industries to develop tailored marketing strategies and solutions. Together, Chuck and Stacey  help businesses of all shapes and sizes reach and exceed their goals. Get started transforming your marketing strategy today!