Role of Marketing Strategists in a Shifting World

Traditionally, business leaders such as marketing directors, small business owners, and CEOs have led the charge as marketing strategists within their companies. However, the constantly changing landscape of marketing today, influenced by rapidly evolving technology, social media platforms, and changes in how audiences respond and engage to marketing efforts, are likewise shifting the role of marketing strategists.

Following a formulaic method of developing a marketing plan no longer satisfies the demands of most industries. Strategies must adapt to changing conditions and be innovative in order to stay ahead of the competition and remain relevant. This means that marketing strategists can no longer call one big annual meeting and hammer out a marketing strategy that is likely to work without adjustment for an entire year. The strategist of today must act as a leader, a voice of reason, inspiration, operator, and more.

Marketing Strategists as Leaders and Operators

The strategist leads the team in creating and implementing marketing strategies, providing vision and direction, as well as helping to make clear the steps needed to take a strategy from concept to completion. A good strategist not only outlines how something will be done, but why. What is the company’s goal? How does this strategy align with that? Marketing strategists also act as leaders, inspiring their teams and outlining the meaningfulness of each person’s role in the strategy. This naturally motivates the entire team to aspire for the best possible results and assists the strategist in keeping plans creative, flexible, effective, and resourceful.

To ensure a marketing strategy delivers the desired goals of engaging the target audience and growing the business, marketing strategists need to ensure plans are being implemented, effectiveness measured, and changes made that respond to changing conditions and constant competition. But when their various other responsibilities require immediate attention, measuring the effectiveness of the strategy, introducing new ideas, and making necessary adjustments are likely to fall toward the bottom of the strategist’s list of priorities. Sometimes marketing strategists simply need someone to help them refocus or to teach them new ways of looking at the problem. Sometimes they need someone to assist in creating and implementing the marketing strategy from outside the company. A fresh, neutral perspective can help identify where the business can improve on its strategy for better results.

Chuck Hunter, CEO and Founder of Multivariable Solutions, uses his diverse leadership experiences as an analyst, board director, CEO, and former United States Navy carrier fighter pilot to inspire vision and direction in business leaders. His knowledge of multiple businesses and industries combined with his creativity allows Chuck to solve any problem and outline a strategy tailored to the unique needs of any business. Chuck also teaches others, providing the tools they need to continue propelling businesses both small and large forward on their path to success.

Stacey McKibbin, COO of Multivariable Solutions, uses her school of hard knocks education and boundless energy to inspire fresh ideas in creating and implementing strategies that lead to new levels of success. She channels her passion into helping businesses grow and thrive. Stacey regards each new challenge as an adventure waiting to unfold. By sharing that excitement with others, businesses find the motivation to move forward with marketing strategies that leave the competition in the dust.

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