targets, goals, win, resultsAs we approach the finish line of this month and its corresponding theme of Strategy, we’d like to reflect on what your “finish line” looks like 3-5 years from now. Are you on track to cross it on time? How do you know? Setting your 3-5 year targets is relatively simple, hitting them is another story. Today we’ll enlighten you with 5 ways to set yourself up for goal achievement. 

Step 1: Plan Every Step

One of the most significant inhibitors of reaching our goals is a lack of clarity around what they actually are. Make sure your target aligns with your purpose, mission, and core values. Once
you clearly define which results you expect to attain for your business in 3-5 years, it’s time to break those goals down into smaller pieces. What do you need to do in 1 year to keep you on track for the overall target? What do you need to do this quarter? This month? Once these mile markers are in place, make sure they are communicated effectively throughout your organization. You’ll need your team to get you over the finish line.

Step 2: Get Specific with Your Target Market

Your Target Market and Marketplace will define the course you take, and you’ll wantarget markett to avoid taking detours. Make sure you’re getting as detailed as possible when investigating who will find the most value in your product or service. You’ll also want to be mindful of where that market is located (where they work, play, etc.), as well as what type of lifestyle they lead.

Step 3: Clearly Illustrate Your Value Proposition

What does your company do best for your target market? Do you guarantee it? How are you communicating that to them? Establishing your value proposition is the difference between leading the pack and getting lost in the crowd. As we discussed last week, loyalty is built when your promise is tested. Make sure your intentions and actions are in line with what your target market wants to see.

Step 4: Do the Math

The best predictor for knowing where you’ll end up, and how quickly, is knowing your past and current growth trends. Calculate your rate of growth for the past (x) years and you’ll have a better understanding of how fast you need to move to reach your targets on time. As you go along, remember to do these calculations regularly to keep yourself and your team accountable. Make tweaks and learn from unexpected shifts when necessary.

Step 5: Don’t lose sight

When something shiny catches your eye, keep your FOCUS (Follow One Course Until Successful) on the finish line. Don’t sacrifice your long term goals for short term gains. If you’re setting, measuring, and following through on key initiatives, your 3-5 year goal is yours for the taking.


We understand that the road to success is filled with unexpected obstacles. However, by using these 5 steps to lead you to the finish line, you’ll be better prepared for whatever comes your way. Remember to let your vision guide your actions, and celebrate each win with your team. Ready, set, go!

Have some questions before you get started? We’re here to help!