Essence of good leadership

Whatever your industry or size of your business, it takes leadership to reach new levels of success. What are the qualities that define a great leader? These five ‘C’ words capture the essence of good leadership:

  1. Clarity: If you want people to follow where you lead, you must have a clear destination in mind, a clear vision for moving the business forward, and a clear plan to get there. Both your meaning and intention must be clear to establish a foundation of trust.
  2. Communication: Building on that foundation of trust requires honest and effective communication. Ensure everyone is doing his or her part so that things don’t fall between the cracks. Communicate the desired outcome of a plan, how you will go about achieving this goal, and the importance of every team member in making that goal reality.
  3. Confidence: Business is naturally full of risk. Good leadership requires confidence to take necessary risks. Few businesses grow by playing it safe. Confidence allows leaders to see opportunity and go for it, innovating and growing the business.
  4. Commitment: A leader cannot be a quitter. If you want your team to show dedication, you must demonstrate your own commitment to the work, to your team, to the goal, and to the business. There are speed bumps along every path to success, but good leadership means showing commitment to the end goal even in hard times.
  5. Creativity: Strong leadership includes the creativity to think outside the box, solve problems, innovate, adjust, and change so that the business can tackle new challenges and reach for new heights.

Leadership Solutions

Chuck Hunter and Stacey McKibbin of Multivariable Solutions use their first-hand knowledge and diverse leadership experiences to empower businesses with strategies and solutions tailored to their needs and goals. If you’re looking to tackle new challenges and reach new levels of success, give us a call to get started today!